Hello world!


Hey!  Hi!  How’re you doing?  Nice to see you!  Here is my blog…created from the inner depths of my odd little mind. Hope you hang around for a while.  It should be fun!

First!  A little intro.  I officially decided to start blogging when I became obsessed with giant metal roosters. If that makes no sense to you, then you get the gist of why you’re here.  I don’t make any sense, whatsoever and I want to share it with the world!  😀  Trust me, it will seem like it’s making more sense as we go along.  I promise.

Some things you will definitely read about in this blog:

  • Squirrels (I have a really unnatural fascination with the little farts)
  • Giant metal roosters (see above)
  • Booze (all kinds…I’m really a lush)
  • Fried foods (think deep fried everything!)
  • Sports (namely football, hockey and NASCAR…not necessarily in that order)
  • Pittsburgh (I am a Burgh girl!)
  • Muppets (another unnatural obsession)
  • Music (edgy to easy…it’s all there)
  • Other odds and ends (emphasis on “odds”)

I’m also a pretty creative soul and I’d like to share some of the stuff I do with you.  More about that later.

Okay, so awaaaayyy we go!

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