It’s Always Weird in Wonderland


That was the working title for my blog.  I got it from my Facebook peeps, who are really the driving force behind this project.  And every great project has to have a working title.  It builds anticipation.

If I was still in Pittsburgh, I would post mysterious signs* all over town that said “WiW”.  Drew Barrymore would play me and Dennis would be portrayed by Bruce Willis (or Paul Teutul Sr…either way.)  The anticipation would be insane!

Sadly, we will have to wait perhaps years for the film version of my blog…and by then, Drew Barrymore will be too old.  *sigh*

She rather looks like me, no? 😀

*In Pittsburgh, signs are posted during movie filming to direct film crews to location sites.  The signs are always cryptic and refer to a film’s working title.  Locals usually know which movie is in town, so it’s really rather humorous.

Drew Barrymore would still totally play me.

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