All This Chickeny Goodness Will Be MINE!


Several months ago, I ran across a blog entry that featured a giant metal chicken named Beyonce.  The accompanying story was so hilarious, I shared it with my sister on Facebook, exclaiming “this would be us!”…and an obsession was born.

My friends started posting giant metal chicken photos to my Facebook wall.

Just chillin’ amongst the trees and stuffs.

This poor baby needs some TLC

And the obsession really took over.

Not a metal chicken, but still…A GIANT CHICKEN!

Then one day, as we were driving on Rte 15 in Lucketts, VA, my daughter spotted the mother of all giant metal chickens.

Omg…that’s alotta chicken!

I yelled out the window as the car sped past, “I’m coming back for you, Beyonceeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

My husband was not amused.

Soon, I’d hatched a plan to position my giant Beyonce chicken in the back yard, overlooking the busy street behind us.

“You know…”, said my daughter, “…if you do that, people won’t  need to ask where I live.  I will already be known all over the school as ‘the girl with the giant metal chicken in her yard.'”  I asked if that would be a problem.  She said, “Well…I guess not.”  (She’s such a good daughter!)

I began discussing giant metal chickens with everyone I know.  My neighbor even offered to build me one.  I thought he was joking until he said that he had  looked up pictures and began telling me how he’d construct it.  He said to start pricing steel, because it’s expensive.

(Let me mention here, how much I love my neighbor.  Only he would humor my insanity by offering to build me a chicken…or was he??  I’m looking for barrels, Don!!  <3)  

Then, on a recent trip to PA, we passed the giant Beyonce and found giant metal chicken nirvana!

Cue the dancing chickens!

They’re doing the can-can!

I immediately stopped the car to run amongst them, giggling all the while like a first-grader in a candy shop. If the store had not been closed, I would have gotten one right then and there.  Instead, I decided that I would return and get one of the 5′ chickens.  It was not too big, not too small.  Just tall enough to peek over the fence.  And drive my husband insane!  

(See what a good wife I am? Always thinking of him.)  🙂

It was with giddy anticipation that I returned to the shop on Wednesday to claim my chicken.  Sadly…they were out of the big ones and only had tiny, little metal chickens on garden spikes.  😦

It’s just not the same. 😦

They did have a nice praying mantis:

Liz wanted this one.

And some flamingos…

For Bryan 🙂

But they just wouldn’t do.  😦

So I had another epiphany.

I had to have Beyonce II.

(Hey, that rhymed!)

All this chicken-y goodness will be MINE!! (For the bargain price of just $499.00)

So… I have decided to start the “Robin <3’s Beyonce II Fund” .  For just pennies a day,  you can save this giant metal chicken from heaven knows what horrible fate on the side of Rte. 15 and send it home to  my house.  Where it will be loved.  Forevers and such.  For reals.  Unless my husband knocks me off first.

In which case…

Weirdness runs in the family.

…do it for Liz.

(A very special thank you goes out to Tony at Really Great Finds, the coolest shop in Lucketts, VA.  If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello for me.  And tell him he needs more chickens.)

(And yes, I know it’s a rooster.)

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  1. Personally, I wouldn’t waste a chicken in the back yard. I’d get one of the smaller ones and plut it in the front yard. Maybe more than one. How many would it take to make Dennis crazy? Also, I liked the marriacchi frogs better. Just sayin’.

  2. that big Beyonce would look great next to my real Beyonce and girls… a guard chicken to keep the raccoons away!

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