Dave Grohl = God


I want Dave Grohl to guest write on my blog.  Or at least comment.  Can someone handle that for me, pleasekthanks?


P.S. (Sorry honey.  You know you lose to Dave Grohl as far as godliness goes, right?  Love you!)

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  1. You know I’m rather busy, right? As a matter of band policy I cannot write on folk’s blogs but I can say that I have read through yours and find it rather enjoyable! You are “My Hero”… keep on bloggin’.

    Rock on,

  2. I think I resent that, concerned friend. I do know Foo Fighters and Nirvana! Even tho I have never listened to their music.

  3. I think I saw you in the audience when we played at Verizon Center. Send me your phone number and I’ll call to discuss your request.

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