Don’t Know Much About History….


This is “part 2” of my “I’ve got mine. Where’s yours.” soapbox lecture.  Overall, I received very positive feedback and hopefully it inspired some people to get out there and give back.

However, a couple folks pointed out that I was apparently wearing rose-colored glasses while sitting at my computer.  The early 20th century wasn’t all that great.  And they’re right.  It wasn’t.  There was plenty wrong during that time.  I was trying to make a point, which I did for the most part.  I hope I didn’t come across as too naive.  (Besides, it was pretty dark, so maybe I was just hitting the wrong keys.  Stupid liberal-biased keyboard.)  😉

Even if you take my little history summary with a generous grain of salt, “I’ve got mine. Where’s yours?” is still a valid observation. Once you commit that phrase to memory, you’ll be surprised at how often you recognize it out there in the real world. I hope everyone starts recognizing “I’ve got mine. Where’s yours?”  and I hope that when you do, it makes you think. I agree 100% with  a comment by one reader who called himself, “Ronald Reagan”, about how each individual should look inward and ask what they can do for “SOCIETY”. That was exactly the objective I was shooting for.  Thank you for emphasizing that point.  Government sure as hell doesn’t need our help.  They’re screwed up enough on their own.  (joke)

I’ve done a few things in life of which I am particularly satisfied (other than my kids…which goes without saying). I have always given to charity regularly, in money, goods and service. I have mentored an inner city child through Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  I volunteer for my kids’ activities…probably too much.

Mostly, I strive to teach my children that no matter what they have, they can afford a little bite to give someone else, whether it’s sharing an ice cream cone with their brother/sister or tossing some change into a collection cup. Doing so is something that gets harder as we grow up and realize how hard we have to work for everything we have.  However, time doesn’t cost a thing and it’s something we all have at least a little to spare. The amazing thing is when you start to give, you get back in dividends.

“Ronald Reagan’s” last comment was, “many, many friends/families donate time and money to charity”, and he is right, many do. But not all and not nearly enough. We can do better.

What a wonderful world this would be.

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