Why is pasta such a wonderful comfort food?  Is it because I’m (half) Italian?  Whenever I’m cranky, tired, sick, hungry, bored, lonely, busy, anxious, etc., all I seem to want is pasta.

A few friends came over this afternoon and it ended up being a pasta dinner for five.  I felt immensely satisfied afterward.  My gramma would have been proud.  (Oops!  No wine!  Bad Italian!)

Olympics and pasta = a winning combination.

Life is Like a Bowl of Spaghetti

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    • It was so good! I don’t usually think spaghetti in the summer for entertaining. But it was a matter of what I could make quickly and feed everyone with minimal effort. It was faster than firing up the grill to make burgers!

  1. Pasta = bad carbs. Carbs = weight gain. Wanna lose weight? Drop the pasta…and sugars. Bye-bye candy…bye-bye pop…bye-bye Cap’n Crunch….. Hello new healthy body!

  2. Pasta is the best food ever invented! 🙂 It’s cheap, easy to cook and the most important thing… it’s delicious!

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