What Would You Doo-ooo-oooo For a Klondike Bar?


Have you ever stopped to think about the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done?

I have a list.  It is a flexible list, because as my memory fluctuates in and out of consciousness, I remember acts of ridiculousness that would easily upstage these.  There are just sooo many!

But as of right now, these are the hilarious, ridiculous moments that jump from my brain.

  • Ate all the icing off an entire cake –  I used to like to run my finger along the plate of a chocolate cake to scoop off some extra frosting.  And one time I got carried away.  Before I knew it, the frosting was gone from the entire cake.  I blamed my little sister and she took the heat for 20-some years.  When I finally fessed up during a family gathering  just a few years ago,  she jumped up and yelled, “I told you I didn’t do it!” Poor kid (nah, not really.)
  • Took a stripper to my senior prom – It’s not as salacious as it sounds.  In high school I was dating a guy who moonlighted as a male stripper.  The best part was when he teased my girlfriends about taking his clothes off on the dance floor.  Of course, it never happened (hell, I never even saw him with anything more than his shirt off), but the guy could seriously dance!  So while it is a thoroughly unexciting story, I do like telling people just to see their reaction.   🙂
  • Walked through a drive-through – this was funny, but not as much so as driving backwards through a drive through.  Why they now have signs up prohibiting this, I have no idea.
  • Fired someone while dressed like a Party-o-Saurus.   – During one of my first management gigs, it was Halloween and I needed to terminate someone.  I was dressed as a dinosaur, officially called a “Party-o-Saurus”.  When the time came, I called the girl into the office, took off my head, fired her, put my head back on and hit the sales floor.  The only thing that would have been more ridiculous is if I had been dressed as the Terminator.
  • Barked like a dog for a Klondike bar – I still think this is my most ridiculous moment and it was just last summer! .  One evening, I wanted ice cream and my  husband challenged me to bark like a dog.  I not only got down on all fours in the middle of our cul-de-sac and barked…I yipped, howled, yapped, panted and wagged my tail.  For my finale,  I got up on my “hind legs” and begged.  I got my ice cream.  Yeah, that was last summer.  True ridiculousness knows no age limit!

Someday, I shall endeavor to transcribe some of my more “adult” ridiculous moments.  Just as soon as I figure out how to put parental controls on this thing!

Oh and hey…if you don’t have a ridiculous list yet, go start one.  Being genuinely silly is one of life’s great joys.  Plus, taking yourself too seriously is proven to shorten your life.  🙂  Have fun!

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  1. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your brilliant husband make you do the barking in the middle of your street.
    What a brilliant man he is!

  2. I cannot wait until you figure out the parental controls on WordPress! Haha! Very inspirational and funny blog, I’ll be looking forward to laughing my bum off at the adult version of this list. 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for reading my blog about Chick-fil-A, Homosexuals, and how they can’t play with Legos 🙂

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