Diet: Day 2


Okay, so yesterday wasn’t so bad.  I stayed under my Weight Watchers points, which wasn’t necessarily good, but I wasn’t going batshit hungry all day either.  I was craving munchies though, which I think is most of the problem.  I eat when I’m not necessarily hungry, but just want something to crunch on.  I bought some rice cakes, granola bars and 1 point candies to get used to NOT eating a whole king sized package of Reese’s cups in one breath.  Which brings me to one of my HUGE weaknesses (and the main reason for my dieting), peanut butter.  I can’t live without peanut butter.  Or Bacon.  But that’s a different story.

EGADS!  I just looked up “bacon, cooked, crisp” and three slices is 4 points!!  I put in “1 lb.” and it refused to give me the point value.  It just said, “now you know why you’re here, dumb ass.”  😦

Instead, I’ll just go here.  Ahhh…that’s better.

Okay, back to work!  Carry on, peeps….



I'm dreaming of BACON!!

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  1. You will likely hate me for this…but when we were on vacation last week, we stopped for dinner one night at a local burger spot. They had many unique burgers, like this one… a Bacon peanut butter hamburger. I restrained myself and didn’t have it…though I have been thinking about it ever since. Please, don’t hate me now! 🙂 Wishing you resolve for the journey…cheering you on!

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