There’s Nothing Funny About This


Today will not be a warm and fuzzy day.  The Hubster and I need to escort our kids to their grandmother’s house to look through their dad’s things.  Unfortunately, I won’t be allowed to accompany them into the house.   (No worries though.  It’s covered.)

I just want to get this over with and “move on with our lives” as someone so eloquently put it.

Oh and hey, Dickhead #2?  This one’s for you:

Bridges burned, my friend.  Bridges burned.

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  1. Hell, don’t limit it to just one person…this time, it extends from Fla to Pa to NJ. Every bridge imaginable has been burned, never to be rebuilt. All in the name of $500.00 worth of useless monetary stuff that is invaluable from a sentimental perspective

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