Fantastic! I never venture into apostrophe hell in my rants. Consider this from me. 🙂

Lyla Quillmark

The email from a member of the technical support team began:

“Hi Lady’s,
Now your both up and running…”

Sorry, but I’m afraid you lost me at “Lady’s”.

I admit it. I’m a pedant. Grammar, spelling, punctuation: they all irritate me when incorrect. I was taught well by my mother when I was a child, and I grew up with the overwhelming urge to correct people; to right the writing wrongs of society and enlighten my social inferiors to their grammatical sins. I have been known to send follow-up emails to correct shameful errors that somehow slipped through my editing (just to prove to any eagle-eyed readers that I do indeed understand correct usage), and delete then re-post Facebook status updates that were inadvertently sent off into the ether with – oh, horror! – a mistake!!

Oh, yes. Facebook. The place where the illiterate and the sloppy share with the world…

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  1. I’m glad to see we are not alone in our obsession with correct grammar. When Lisa was in high school and applying to colleges, she received a letter from Clarion that was so poorly written, we corrected all the grammar and punctuation and sent it back! She did NOT attend Clarion!

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