Voices…I Hear Voices….


I will let you in on a little tidbit about myself: I typically have more than three simultaneous conversations going on in my head at any given moment.  Some might call it a stream of consciousness, which is fine if it’s just a matter of thoughts flowing into one another.  My brain works slightly differently than that.  I get the first thought, which leads into a second, third and fourth, but the first keeps developing into an entire conversation.

Example:  The Hubster asks me what we’re having for dinner.

What should I make for dinner?  Pork chops would be nice.  Do I have pork chops downstairs in the freezer?  Oh I need to throw in a load of  laundry while I’m down there.  Giant has meat on sale this week, so I should get pork chops.  We need to go to Costco for meat too.  I have a good recipe for pork chops.  And potatoes.  While we’re at Costco, we need batteries for the air mattress…

I tell him “pork chops”.

And detergent.  And q-tips.  The kids will sleep on the air mattress when my parents come to visit next week.  I think I’ll make mom’s potatoes with the pork chops.  “D” batteries.  The air mattress uses “D” batteries.  And butter.  I’m almost out of butter for the potatoes.  Maybe I’ll make rice.  Or maybe we’ll just order pizza and have the pork chops tomorrow night.

An hour later, the doorbell rings and it’s the Domino’s guy.  “I thought we were having pork chops!!”  “No, that’s tomorrow night”.  Why is he confused??  It makes perfect sense to me! (This is also when I will later remember “telling” him that my parents are coming to visit.)

One afternoon, we were driving in the car and I was quietly looking out my window.  He looked at me and said, “How many conversations are you having in your head right now?”   I had to laugh, because I actually had three distinct thoughts going.  I think that was the day he got scared.  Dumbass married me after that anyway.

I still can’t figure that one out.









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  1. Fantastic! We MUST be related!

    The only reason we do is it because (unlike men – sorry men) we can think of ten different things at the same time. We don’t need to turn the radio down when we’re parking the car because we can multi-skill.

    As soon as hubby say’s ‘let’s go for a drive’ I immediate think of all the antique shops in that direction or – wasn’t there something I needed to buy last year and I knew it was in Costco, but we haven’t been there for ages so let’s just drop in?

    Love this!

  2. Your weirdness is unique but your thought process isn’t. Like diannegray says, we women are able to think of several different things at once and act on all of them simultaneously. That’s why we are able to raise children, take care of a house, work, and still pay attention to our husbands. But, hey, next wk? That must be one of those conversations you had in your head and forgot to tell me about.What’s next week?

  3. I have similar conversations, but I try to include him IN the conversations in my head (BAD idea). For example, he will ask me a question that requires a yes or no answer. Instead he gets the my whole thought process that takes anywhere from two minutes to five to explain. Here’s an example:

    Him: I’m going to Costco this afternoon. Do we need mouthwash?

    Me: I just filed the small bottle on the bathroom counter. There’s one full bottle and about a third left in the second bottle under the sink.

    Him: So that’s a no?

    Me: Bite Me!

    Didn’t I just say that? So glad that I am not the only one…

  4. Here’s one for ya. Ya know how they say you’re not crazy if you talk to yourself…just if you answer yourself? Well, I talk to myself in my head, then answer myself out loud. Does that make me crazy or just nuts?

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