Oooohhh That Smell II – Where Have You Bean?


Have been taking a break, due to some wrist pain from too much typing.  But I had to share this one with you guys.

For the past few days, we have had a smell in the kitchen that could only be described as rotting something.  We pulled everything out of the fridge and examined it, threw away the old food, cleaned out the freezer (yes, even the freezer smelled) and even pulled the fridge away from the wall to clean behind it.


The smell started emanating away from the fridge and into other parts of the house…like to the foyer.  As soon as we’d walk in the front door *BLAM!*  Dead smell.

Side note:  The last time this happened (yes, it has happened more than once), it was in the basement.  Hubster had gone downstairs to pull some meat out of the freezer and had set a few packages aside while he dug for what he wanted…and they never got put back.  I dont‘ remember how long it took us to find them…but by that point, we considered moving.

So, anyway…today, we made a trip to Costco and loaded up on meat, veggies, fruit, etc.  But before we put anything away, we decided we were definitely going to find out what the hell smelled in the fridge.

So we pulled everything out again…pulled out all the shelves and gave them a good Clorox cleaning.  Then, I wiped out the entire inside of the fridge with Clorox.

As we started putting everything back in, I picked up the three containers of leftovers that were from earlier this week.  And one of them set off both Hubster’s and my noses.

A damn container of black beans from Monday night’s taco salad that obviously hadn’t sealed properly.


So, one bottle of Clorox Clean-Up and a roll of paper towels later, the smell seems to be gone.

No wonder bean farts smell so bad.  Those things really go rotten!!

At least the fridge is clean. :/

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