Leggo My Budget Gourmet, Dammit!


As you all know, I’m on the Weight Watcher’s diet plan.  I have found that taking the little “SmartOnes” or “Budget Gourmet” entrees for lunch really helps.  That way, I’m not tempted to eat in three bits a sandwich that a truck-driver couldn’t finish.  (I can totally do that, btw).

So, I went to the grocery store and bought a week’s worth of frozen lunches.  Instead of bothering to take one per day, I took all 6 or 7 and threw them in the freezer at work.

We are a small company, only about 25 people total and only about a third actually use the break room.  Which is exactly why I was so shocked when I went to get my lunch on Friday and discovered someone had eaten my lunch!

What in the name of all things holy makes someone go into a shared refrigerator and take food that they know damn well they have not purchased??  Not only that, but it isn’t even like a whole bunch of us eat the things.  There’s only one other person and myself and she was out sick on the days in question.

After reading numerous “break room fridge guidelines” articles.  I realize that it is *my* fault for the following reasons:

  1. I did not label my food.  I thought that putting them in a plastic bag that clearly did not come from someone else’s house was sufficient.  I was wrong.
  2. I brought in more than that day’s food at one time.  I fixed that.  I bought a lunch tote large enough for my meal and will not use the break room fridge any longer
  3. I clean out the fridge regularly (for the entire staff), so there are no science experiments to fall back on when someone is really hungry.
  4. I did not put a sign on the refrigerator, informing people that taking someone else’s food is stealing and stealing is wrong.
  5.  I did not lace my meals with arsenic.

Today, I’m putting a note on the fridge:

Thank you for stealing my Budget Gourmet lunches and half a Lean Pocket.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Next time, choose the ones I didn’t spit on.


That’s no excuse!

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  1. Perfect!
    I had a friend who did that once though and it ended up being the boss. He eventually apologized, but still never replaced her lunch, despite earning way more money. Like, do they not understand what it’s like to be on a budget? Apparently not. Most of us can afford to lose five bucks or whatever, but it still have to be factored in! (At least for our broke, one-income-house it does)

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