Diet: Week 3


Down 7 lbs!

I am so excited! Clothes are starting to fit a little better and I can feel a little difference.

I decided to join a challenge group on Weight Watchers Online to lose 25 lbs by Christmas.  I just realized that doesn’t include the 7 I already lost.  This is gonna be tough!  LOL

The keys have been to eat more fruit/veggies, drink lots of water, cut out soda, cut down on portion size at home, started packing lunches with frozen entrees so I can determine exactly how many points I want to have at that meal, and stocking my desk with better snack options than hitting 7-Eleven for a soda and candy bar.

That may seem like a lot of changes, but really it’s not so hard.  It does take a lot of thinking and planning though.

Next step is to increase my activity.  I enjoyed zumba, but want to start walking regularly too.

I can do this!

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  1. Well, I’ve already eaten three cookies today, so I guess that’s a no-no. :/ Congrats, kiddo, you can do this! And you will be so much healthier. Don’t go down the road I’m on. The older you get, the more health issues you will have if you don’t start now. And it’s a good example for the kids.

  2. Well done on your weight loss and good luck for your challenge. I am starting a similar journey to a healthier me and I agree with you, it does take a lot of planning. Keeping motivation levels up is key and the blogging community offers such great support and inspiration. All the best!

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