Coz I’m So Smoooooth


Note:  To fully enjoy this post,  you should click on the links so the music can play while you visualize what I’m about to tell you, which sadly, is a completely accurate account of my drive home this afternoon.  Thank you.  Party on. 

I was driving in the car earlier, flipping through stations when Santana’s “Smooth” came on the radio.  I like the song, so I smiled and just as I did, the car hit a bump and dipped ever so slightly, causing my head to tilt and bob just so.

At that moment, my little self-smile turned into a smoooth, cooool, smile.

In my head, I looked like this:

Ah, yeah…I am sooo smoooth….

Like David Caruso in CSI Miami when he knows something and does his  head-tilted,  knowing, cool nod.

I popped down the visor mirror to see what my smoooth, cooool, smile actually looked like It was more like this:

See? Smoooo…**cough cough**…thhhhh….

By then, I was sitting at a red light, amusing myself by practicing my smoooth, cooool, smile (that only I could see) and I accidentally glanced at  two young dudes in the car next to me.   We made eye contact and I immediately became nervous.  What if they thought I was flirting at them with my smoooth, cooool, smile??

Then I realized that at their age (and mine), they probably saw this:

Well helloooo handsome!

Then I became depressed.

I flipped stations a few times, trying to get back my groove and finally AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” came on.

And suddenly, I was all like this:

I cranked it up and rocked out the rest of the drive home.

And in my head, I’m still one smoooth, cooool chick.

The sky is blue in my world.  Thank you very much for asking.  😉


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