Money – It’s What I Want


I am a gold digger.

HA!  I had to say that, just to make myself laugh.  Truth is, I have decided to start giving myself an allowance.  I am very bad about buying things for myself lately, always saying, “I don’t need it” or “That’s too much…I’ll wait for a sale”.  I’m great at bargain shopping, but even then, I don’t buy things for myself anymore.  I put everyone else ahead of what I want/need.

I work full-time now, but the Hubster is still looking professionally, so things have been tight.  But, I look at it this way – he is a pretty serious smoker and that can really add up!  So I figured out what he spends in a month on cigarettes and I’m going to pay myself an equal amount to do with as I please.  That way, I don’t feel guilty and I can spend or save whatever I want.

It may even motivate him to cut back on his smoking too.  Win/win situation!

They say I’m a crazy bitch.  I say they’re right.  Crazy like a foxy bitch. 😉


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  1. You crazy, foxy thing you!!!

    My hubby had a major op earlier this year and we were skint for awhile. I learned how to penny pinch. I even cancelled the home phone (best move I ever made. For one – we never used it and two – it stopped all those dinner time calls with people trying to sell us something or rip us off!) You need this every now and then. We were really living the high life and now I’ve cut back I realised how much money we were wasting on crap 🙂

    I hope hubby finds something soon 🙂

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