I’m a Camel!!


OMG…I  just had the most hilarious conversation with my girlfriend at work.

We were discussing workout routines and our goals for them.  She said that in the middle of her Couch to 5K routine, she had to stop to suck wind.  She said she felt like an elephant.  I can relate.  I ran about a hundred yards the other night and every step felt like CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP!

She recalled being young and gazelle-like.

HER (wistfully):  “I want to be a gazelle again.”

ME: “I’ll never be a gazelle.  I’d settle for a small hippo.”

HER: (clearly on a roll), “…or maybe a giraffe.  They kinda gallop along.  I could be a giraffe….” :galloping like a giraffe:

ME: “Or a camel!”

HER: “Hey, camels are fast!  They’re lumpy all over, but FAST!” :making fast motions:

ME: “That settles it then!  We will be camels!  Lumpy all over, but fast as hell!!”

I think that’s a reasonable goal.   I’ve definitely got the lumpy part down pat.  Now if I can just find a Couch to Refrigerator workout routine, I’ll be all set.

Whoa, Camel, whoa!

Proof that camels are fast!

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  1. Does that make Dennis a bedouin? (Hey, what do you want, they can’t all be gems, ya know. Trust me, it was better than the first one that popped into my head…..something about your two humps…………..)

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