All That and a Bag of Chips!


Conversation in my house about an hour ago:

Hubster: Honey, who are the Yankees?

Me: New York’s baseball team

H: Who are the Dodgers?

M: LA’s baseball team

H: Who are the Redwings?

M: Detroit’s hockey team

H: The White Sox?

M: Chicago baseball

H: Who are the Blackhawks?

M: Chicago’s hockey team

H: The Seahawks?

M: Seattle’s football team

H: Reds?

M: Cincinnati’s baseball team

H: Sabres?

M: Buffalo’s hockey team

H: Pistons?

M: Detroit’s basketball team

H: Daaayuummm….

M: What’s that all about?

H: You’ll see in a minute.

M: Did my stock go up??  😀

H: Let’s just say I don’t know any women who could do that.

10 minutes later he showed me his Facebook status:

My wife’s respectability level just plummeted. She told me she was rooting for Jeff Gordon to win the Sprint Cup this year.

  • Comment #1 –  At least she didnt say she hopes the Yankees win a game again in their existence.  – about an hour ago · Edited · Like · 1
  • Hubster:  I just peppered her with 10 questions on sports team names. She got all 10 right. I was going to say she wouldn’t know a Yankee from a Dodger, but I guess I would be wrong!

Oh yeah…I rock!  (And all while making General Tso’s chicken too!)

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