So, What Are You Trying to Say?


I know many people don’t buy into the whole “things happen for a reason” thing. Others don’t believe in the spirits of our dearly departed guiding us, but they do believe in divine guidance from God.

Regardless of what you believe, there is some serious shit going on with my computer today.

The hubster and I are looking into financing a venture and I got a list of lenders from one of our contact people. I’m working my way down the list, emailing contacts, explaining what we’re looking for. I started on the phone and was unable to get an answer at two different banks.

The first sent me on a wild goose chase of electronic prompts that eventually landed on a busy signal. This wasn’t some 1-800 call center. It was the local number of a small credit union. The next bank had the wrong number on their website. Undeterred, I emailed the “contact us” address on the site and it got bounced back as an invalid address. Also, not a large bank.

So, I moved on to just emailing my list of contacts. I got one message out and when I went to send the second, my gmail went down. Totally down. Everything else was up and running, but my gmail refused to send the message. I tried 6 or 7 times before saving it to drafts.  Hrm.

I composed my message to the third contact and it went right through, but got bounced back as an invalid address!

Then I got an ‘out of office” response from the first one. Okay….

The fourth went through no problem. The fifth got bounced back, so I went to their website to find another contact. Their website would not load!!  Go to any other page on the Internet and it was fine.  Not Wells Fargo…

I went to the next one and the message went right through.

Eight banks and I got two messages to go through.   Bottom line?  If I get financing from one of those two, I’m going to be seriously freaked out.

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