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Good MOoooooooorrniiiinnngggg…INDONESIA!


I love logging on in the morning and seeing that people from all over the world have hit on my blog.  I have regular visitors from Australia, Italy, the UK and Canada.  I’ve also gotten hits from Guatemala, Germany, Ireland and now this morning, someone in INDONESIA stopped by for a visit!

So, to all our far-away friends, HELLOOOO!!   Make sure you say “hi!” in the comments and say where you’re from!  🙂  I love meeting new people!



Leggo My Budget Gourmet, Dammit!


As you all know, I’m on the Weight Watcher’s diet plan.  I have found that taking the little “SmartOnes” or “Budget Gourmet” entrees for lunch really helps.  That way, I’m not tempted to eat in three bits a sandwich that a truck-driver couldn’t finish.  (I can totally do that, btw).

So, I went to the grocery store and bought a week’s worth of frozen lunches.  Instead of bothering to take one per day, I took all 6 or 7 and threw them in the freezer at work.

We are a small company, only about 25 people total and only about a third actually use the break room.  Which is exactly why I was so shocked when I went to get my lunch on Friday and discovered someone had eaten my lunch!

What in the name of all things holy makes someone go into a shared refrigerator and take food that they know damn well they have not purchased??  Not only that, but it isn’t even like a whole bunch of us eat the things.  There’s only one other person and myself and she was out sick on the days in question.

After reading numerous “break room fridge guidelines” articles.  I realize that it is *my* fault for the following reasons:

  1. I did not label my food.  I thought that putting them in a plastic bag that clearly did not come from someone else’s house was sufficient.  I was wrong.
  2. I brought in more than that day’s food at one time.  I fixed that.  I bought a lunch tote large enough for my meal and will not use the break room fridge any longer
  3. I clean out the fridge regularly (for the entire staff), so there are no science experiments to fall back on when someone is really hungry.
  4. I did not put a sign on the refrigerator, informing people that taking someone else’s food is stealing and stealing is wrong.
  5.  I did not lace my meals with arsenic.

Today, I’m putting a note on the fridge:

Thank you for stealing my Budget Gourmet lunches and half a Lean Pocket.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Next time, choose the ones I didn’t spit on.


That’s no excuse!

Oooohhh That Smell II – Where Have You Bean?


Have been taking a break, due to some wrist pain from too much typing.  But I had to share this one with you guys.

For the past few days, we have had a smell in the kitchen that could only be described as rotting something.  We pulled everything out of the fridge and examined it, threw away the old food, cleaned out the freezer (yes, even the freezer smelled) and even pulled the fridge away from the wall to clean behind it.


The smell started emanating away from the fridge and into other parts of the house…like to the foyer.  As soon as we’d walk in the front door *BLAM!*  Dead smell.

Side note:  The last time this happened (yes, it has happened more than once), it was in the basement.  Hubster had gone downstairs to pull some meat out of the freezer and had set a few packages aside while he dug for what he wanted…and they never got put back.  I dont‘ remember how long it took us to find them…but by that point, we considered moving.

So, anyway…today, we made a trip to Costco and loaded up on meat, veggies, fruit, etc.  But before we put anything away, we decided we were definitely going to find out what the hell smelled in the fridge.

So we pulled everything out again…pulled out all the shelves and gave them a good Clorox cleaning.  Then, I wiped out the entire inside of the fridge with Clorox.

As we started putting everything back in, I picked up the three containers of leftovers that were from earlier this week.  And one of them set off both Hubster’s and my noses.

A damn container of black beans from Monday night’s taco salad that obviously hadn’t sealed properly.


So, one bottle of Clorox Clean-Up and a roll of paper towels later, the smell seems to be gone.

No wonder bean farts smell so bad.  Those things really go rotten!!

At least the fridge is clean. :/

Karma. Ain’t It a Bitch?


I’m having a sad day today.  My kids have already been experiencing pain as a result of losing their dad earlier this year.  Now they’re dealing with the selfish, self-centered bullshit that adults typically inflict on one another in the aftermath of a divorce.  The problem is that their dad is gone and they’re looking for some comfort and closure to a very messy and painful situation.  His family, in their infinite “wisdom” can’t see past their own needs to let that happen.  They continue to hold open old wounds and are holding my kids’ emotions as hostages.

Well, I’m sorry.  Not on my watch.

As soon as this is done, so are we.  Then they can choose to move on or stay entrenched in their bitterness and hatred.  It’s karma they need to be concerned with at this point.  Not me.

Whoa, It’s Dead, Jim


I don’t know where you guys were yesterday, (hopefully, out doing something fun, like me), but this blog seriously flat-lined!  OUCH!

So, I promise not to get on any soap boxes for an entire week and just write uniquely weird stuff.


And this is a squirrel.

“I am outstanding in my field.”

Thank you Dan Cathy and Freedom of Speech


Thank you, Dan Cathy for opening your mouth and bringing light to your bigoted views.  Without freedom of speech, Americans who believe in that other, obviously less important freedom called EQUAL RIGHTS would never have known to direct their business elsewhere.

And now I’ve said my peace and consider the topic closed.

I Got the Music In Me


Something I haven’t mentioned much of yet is my love of music and my past life as a total hair band groupie.  (Aside: For you older/younger folks, that does not mean that I had a thing for wisps of ribbon in my hair…think Metallica, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Winger et al…if you don’t know who they are, maybe you just wanna sit this one out. ) 

You see, in my life, I have had three serious (if you can call them that) careers.  In the 80’s-90’s, I worked in record stores (Youngsters, those are places where they sold music, recorded on a laaaaarge vinyl disk…think Empire Records).  In the late 90’s, I was a floral designer.  And in the 2000’s, I worked for a law firm as a records administrator (not the same kind of records…but kinda ironic just the same)  Now days, I work as an administrative assistant at a florist and I listen to music a lot.  Go figure.

This blog goes back to some of the best times of my life, the wild, wonderful 80’s!  The music industry in Pittsburgh in the 80’s was pretty interesting.  We had only two major record chains, Camelot Music (now mostly F.Y.E. locations) and National Record Mart (NRM).  This was way before “big box” stores like Best Buy, Circuit City and Wal-Mart rolled in and took over.  And waaaaay before the iPod, and digital downloading.  The huge scandal at the time was the labeling of “explicit” material and whether you could, in fact, make an exact copy of a CD. The horror!

Anyway, because retail locations in Pittsburgh were so limited, we received a lot of attention from record labels and radio stations.  This was TOTALLY AWESOME for a teeny bopper/20-something, because we got tickets to EVERYTHING!  And with those tickets came BACK STAGE PASSES!  I am the first one to admit that I completely led a charmed life and was utterly, unabashedly spoiled rotten.  My best friend and I went to see absolutely everyone we could think of and met most of them.  The moment we knew we were way too spoiled was the time we were standing backstage at a Skid Row concert and weren’t particularly thrilled with meeting Sebastian Bach (he had just had his bottle throwing incident on that tour).  We looked at one another and went, “we’re outta here.”   Afterward, I said, “did we seriously just walk out of  a backstage meet & greet?”  We both just shook our heads and laughed.

I figure I’ve met just about everyone I’ve ever wanted to in the rock & roll business.  There are a few megastars that I never had a chance to see/meet.  But all things considered, I can’t complain one bit.  I just found my scrapbook of ticket stubs, and though I didn’t count them, I did see a few that I don’t even remember being at the show (I saw Sting twice??)!  Others though, I remember a little too well (Richard Marx??  What a jerk!).  Hahaha! (Okay, for my potty-brained friends…you KNOW I didn’t do that so don’t even go there.  It was just far too much alcohol in most cases!)

So, I figure I’ll publish a more complete list later.  In the meantime, here are some highlights:

  • Aerosmith – First saw them at the beginning of Permanent Vacation, just before their comeback.  They were awesome, friendly and Steven Tyler was hilarious (and HOT!)  He was eating pistachios and his speaking voice was so raspy, I thought he had laryngitis.  I asked if he was feeling okay and he rasped loudly, “OH NO!  CANCEL THE TOUR!”

Me with Aerosmith – the highlight of their career.


I’m on the left, wearing a Camelot sweatshirt.  Hey, gotta represent the company!  (I was such a dork).  My BFF is behind me and my sister, between Steven Tyler and me.  I was pissed, but her grin made it worth not standing next to him.  We saw them three or more four times and went backstage a total of I think three.  I have pictures from the others somewhere, but this one was the best.

  • Whitesnake – Steve Vai was playing guitar with them then.  He would appear in several more back stage events, but we definitely drooled all over him during this one.  David Coverdale is so tall, he towered over me.  My hair was so big, I looked taller, but then again, so was his.  Ha-ha!  Seriously though, the dude is like 6’4″ and I was 4’10”.  ❤

David Coverdale of Whitesnake. Seriously yummy Brit dude. Oh and he sings.

  • Van Halen – Monsters of Rock tour (festival at 3 Rivers Stadium) – Sammy Hagar had already replaced David Lee Roth.  I remember them being jerks.  All of them except for Michael Anthony.  There’s a group picture out there somewhere.  I don’t remember ever getting it.
  • David Lee Roth – Eat ‘Em & Smile, Skyscraper and Dirty Little Secret tours.  He was always funny and actually had conversations with us.  Steve Vai was his guitarist so my BFF was in heaven again (she was into the guitar gods…me, front men).  Again there are pictures, but I have no idea where.  I do still have my passes and autographs though.   ❤ ❤
  • Don Henley – End of the Innocence Tour – Ok…not a hair band, but still…it was fricken Don Henley!  He was very southern gentlemanly.  Signed a huge promo poster for me in gold paint pen.  It hung, framed in my living room for years, but disappeared when I got divorced.  😦  Still…nice guy.  Too galactic superstar  for my taste though.
  • Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker tour – Chris Robinson was very talkative, his brother Rich was doodling.  I asked what he was drawing and he turned it to show me and actually sort of smiled at me.  It was a “moment”.

Okay, so this is long and only a bit of the fun I had.  If I knew then what I know now…… Whew!  That would be an entirely different story (and I’d be writing a book!)

More later!

We’ll Always Have…Guatemala?


So far, I’ve enjoyed a nice following of the blog. But I’ve seen nothing like the one day I commented on “The Bloggess'” Beyonce Update post.  Hits on UW went up 500% that day and included readers from Guatemala, Australia, Canada & the UK.  Un-freakin’ real!   I’ve read similar comments from other bloggers who have seen huge spikes in activity as a result of their comments on her page.  One blog, “Filing Jointly”,   hit the 20,000 mark…a number her husband had thrown out there and told her at that point, she could quit her job. (There, F.J.  I just gave you a dozen more hits!)  🙂

That is so amazing!  I’m in awe.  If only my Giant Metal Chicken post had been ready, I might have kept those readers a little longer.  Instead, all they got was a chicken teaser…and they haven’t been back.  (I hate a chicken teaser!  You get your taste buds all ready, and no chicken…boooo….) 😦

Come back, Guatemala!  Where did you go, Australia?  Canada…I know you’re out there!

Man, I’d really like to hit that 20,000 mark.  Honey, can I quit my job then too?  😀

A Question for the Masses


I know I’ve just started and I’ve been muddling through pinning and posting and tweeting and twirping (I accidentally burped while tweeting), but I don’t know if I like my page.  I really want this to be so much more.  What do you think?  Honest opinions would be great!

Oh, and if you’re following  me on FB because you’re my friend, thank you.  Feel free to share the links on your wall too.  I need to get this house a rockin!!


Little Things Mean a Lot


My 15 1/2 year-old daughter began driving today.  She’s my first, but my husband’s fourth child to do so.  He was in the front seat with her and handled it like an absolute champ.  For me, watching her behind the wheel for the first time was hilarious, scary and awesome all at once.

The absolute best part was when she finished by successfully pulling into a parking spot, she leaped out of the car and tackled him with a bear hug as he got out of the car.  He and I may disagree on a lot of things about parenting, but watching the two of them just makes me fall in love with him all over again.  He’s not just her step-parent.  He’s her dad and for that I love him soooo much.  🙂


I think this grin says it all. 🙂

Thanks, honey.  You’re the best.  xoxo