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Hey, Man…I’m With the Band


Let me start this post off by saying that in high school, I was not in band. I hung around with a lot of band kids and they seemed to have a great time.  A lot of them were and are still very cool and I remain friends with them today. I didn’t know many of their parents though, so take this with a grain of salt.

That being said, I do not remember high school band parents being a particularly cool lot of folks.   Kids who are in band are referred to as “band geeks” (pretty much for a reason) and their parents were just older versions of band geeks.  Or were they…?

My daughter has been in band since elementary school and due to that perception of the band population as a whole, I never really got involved in it.  Last summer, she moved up to the high school and had to go to daily band “camp” over the summer.  I was only working part time then, so I volunteered to serve snacks to the kids one afternoon.  I also checked off a lot of boxes on the volunteer survey at band orientation, figuring I’d get a couple of additional gigs as a volunteer.  I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to it, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to be involved in something with Liz.

At band camp, I met a few moms who, little did I know at the time, are waaaay involved in band (read: they pretty much support the entire volunteer program).  They were very welcoming and friendly.  Before I knew it, I was signed up to do two other things…things that required meetings.  Ugh.  I hate meetings.  Again…all for my kid.

Meetings turned into more volunteering.  Volunteering turned into co-chairing an activity committee…which turned into more volunteering…which turned into volunteering for a board position…which turned into being nominated for Vice President of the Band Parents’ Association.

Wait, what??   How the hell did that happen!!???

So, now right now I’m the V.P. and serve as fundraising chairperson.  This month, I have about 6 meetings as we get ready for marching season.  I am so busy sometimes, my head spins.  But I’m having a BLAST!  The best part is that I discovered the other parents are COOL!!

The more I get to know these ladies, the more fun they are.  We have meetings over beers at a sports bar.  We planned to go see “Magic Mike” as a group and when that fell through, we planned a private screening at my house (naturally).  Last weekend, we had a pool party for the kids.  The moms, most of whom are fellow board members, sat in the pavilion, laughing, singing and dancing as loudly and badly as we could manage.  Afterward, I realized that not only did the kids have fun, but I had a really good time too.

So, here’s the question, at what point did things change, or did they?  Is this what I’ve been missing or is this group of people just an exceptional group?

I think it might be a little of both.  🙂