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A Brief Pause for Station Identification


I was getting ready for today’s blog post, jotting down some notes and I clicked on CNN.com.  I read an article about a woman in Afghanistan who was shot nine times because two commanders were arguing over her.

Then I read another article about a dog owner who was forced to put down his beloved dog because he couldn’t afford emergency treatment for her.  (The shelter generously did the surgery anyway and saved the dog.)

And here, I’m writing about squirrels.

So let me say that my blog is intended to be funny and serve as a brief respite in this crazy, f’ed up world.  I hope I make you laugh.  I hope I make you think (but not too much).  I hope I get you seriously wasted on incredibly awesome jello shots and make you a tailgating rock star.

Mostly, I hope I can just help you forget for a few moments what’s out there and remind you how fortunate we all are for what we have.

Thanks for sharing my space.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.