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Diet: Week 5 – Lost 10 lbs!!



It was hard.  It was really really hard.  REALLY HARD!  A tub of potato salad that was left over from the band pool party tortured me aaaallll week!  I ate some every damn day too.  I counted the points, but still.  NO one needs to eat potato salad every day!  On Thursday, before my weigh in, I tried to throw it away.  I tried.  I didn’t.  I finished it instead.  😦  Bad me!!  I couldn’t even blame it on the Easter Bunny this time.

But I did it and I gave myself a nice little reward – I bought new sneaks for zumba class and downloaded some new walking music.  🙂  Okay, maybe they weren’t all for 10 lbs, but I got them this week too, so it’s kinda relevant.

In any case, I can see 145  just over the horizon….GO ME!!

(edited to add: this is my 69th post!  I had a special one planned, but now I’ve gone and blown it!  lmao!)

Diet: Week 3


Down 7 lbs!

I am so excited! Clothes are starting to fit a little better and I can feel a little difference.

I decided to join a challenge group on Weight Watchers Online to lose 25 lbs by Christmas.  I just realized that doesn’t include the 7 I already lost.  This is gonna be tough!  LOL

The keys have been to eat more fruit/veggies, drink lots of water, cut out soda, cut down on portion size at home, started packing lunches with frozen entrees so I can determine exactly how many points I want to have at that meal, and stocking my desk with better snack options than hitting 7-Eleven for a soda and candy bar.

That may seem like a lot of changes, but really it’s not so hard.  It does take a lot of thinking and planning though.

Next step is to increase my activity.  I enjoyed zumba, but want to start walking regularly too.

I can do this!

Diet: Day 4


Managed to travel while still maintaining my diet.  Yay, me!  Dad made a delicious dinner of pork fajitas with lots of veggies (recipe later…gotta con it out of Dad…haha).  Very few points.  Three pounds lost so far and I haven’t weighed in yet today.  I’m stoked!  Can’t wait to start zumba next week!

The trick tonight will be going to the ballpark tomorrow night for a Washington Wild Things game without eating a week’s worth of fattening crap!  I must have at least one beer though.  It’s not a ball game without beer.