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Money – It’s What I Want


I am a gold digger.

HA!  I had to say that, just to make myself laugh.  Truth is, I have decided to start giving myself an allowance.  I am very bad about buying things for myself lately, always saying, “I don’t need it” or “That’s too much…I’ll wait for a sale”.  I’m great at bargain shopping, but even then, I don’t buy things for myself anymore.  I put everyone else ahead of what I want/need.

I work full-time now, but the Hubster is still looking professionally, so things have been tight.  But, I look at it this way – he is a pretty serious smoker and that can really add up!  So I figured out what he spends in a month on cigarettes and I’m going to pay myself an equal amount to do with as I please.  That way, I don’t feel guilty and I can spend or save whatever I want.

It may even motivate him to cut back on his smoking too.  Win/win situation!

They say I’m a crazy bitch.  I say they’re right.  Crazy like a foxy bitch. 😉