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Diet: Week 5 – Lost 10 lbs!!



It was hard.  It was really really hard.  REALLY HARD!  A tub of potato salad that was left over from the band pool party tortured me aaaallll week!  I ate some every damn day too.  I counted the points, but still.  NO one needs to eat potato salad every day!  On Thursday, before my weigh in, I tried to throw it away.  I tried.  I didn’t.  I finished it instead.  😦  Bad me!!  I couldn’t even blame it on the Easter Bunny this time.

But I did it and I gave myself a nice little reward – I bought new sneaks for zumba class and downloaded some new walking music.  🙂  Okay, maybe they weren’t all for 10 lbs, but I got them this week too, so it’s kinda relevant.

In any case, I can see 145  just over the horizon….GO ME!!

(edited to add: this is my 69th post!  I had a special one planned, but now I’ve gone and blown it!  lmao!)

Diet: Week 1


Overall, it was a good week.  I lost 5 lbs and didn’t stuff my face despite being under a huge amount of stress.  I’m learning how to substitute fruit for munchies and not to eat when I’m just craving something to chew on.  Water has been my friend.  I’ve also been eating the Smart Ones meals for lunch at work, which is not only cheaper than going out, it keeps me from overeating due to large takeout portions and helps me balance what I have for lunch with what I have for dinner.  The best part – I’m really not hungry.

I can do this! 🙂

Diet: Day 5 – Lost 5 Pounds!


I weighed in this morning and lost 5 lbs!  I honesty can’t believe it.  I got myself a haircut at my favorite salon here in Pittsburgh to celebrate!  Then, I did something I shouldn’t and saved most of my daily points for my dad’s amazing dinner – haddock fillets (fried) and homemade potato chips.  I’m sorry…but it was just too good to pass up!  I had basil tomato salad as a side, so at least that was healthy!  🙂

Tomorrow night – ball game.  Ooooohhh…ball park dogs and beer are going to be a toughie.  Especially with box seats and waitresses that serve!  🙂

Diet: Day 4


Managed to travel while still maintaining my diet.  Yay, me!  Dad made a delicious dinner of pork fajitas with lots of veggies (recipe later…gotta con it out of Dad…haha).  Very few points.  Three pounds lost so far and I haven’t weighed in yet today.  I’m stoked!  Can’t wait to start zumba next week!

The trick tonight will be going to the ballpark tomorrow night for a Washington Wild Things game without eating a week’s worth of fattening crap!  I must have at least one beer though.  It’s not a ball game without beer.


Diet: Day 3


Still motivated!  W00t!!  Got on the scale this morning and I lost a pound and a half.  I would have to say it’s definitely due to the increase in water consumption.  I’ve been really good at drinking a lot and I probably peed 5 times yesterday just during the workday.  Hubster and I weren’t hungry without the kids around this evening, so I borrowed a quick “sandwich” idea from Liz.  I made a Virginia ham and Muenster cheese roll-up with mustard.  Even nice and thick, it was only 8 points without the bread.  I had some baby carrots and water and I’m good to go!  🙂

Hopefully with my new-found weight loss,  I won’t have to worry about having a wardrobe malfunction while re-enacting my favorite moments from the Olympics.

LOL!  I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.  😉