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Drama Llama Strikes Again


Shoot me! Shoot me now!

It never ends, I swear.  After a day of drama with my ex’s family, I get an evening of it with my own.  Basically, families suck.

This post needs more DRAMA!

Which brings me to my thought for the day.  This part of the blog hasn’t been funny, nor weird as I originally promised.  However, it does provide an incredibly necessary outlet for me to vent.  You fellow bloggers will understand how writing is a catharsis.  I get it now too.  So, here’s what I’d like to do.  In keeping with my original mission to enlighten  you with the very nuttiest innermost workings of my crooked brain (I’ve been reading plenty of other blogs, and frankly, I’m just not that weird in comparison) I’m going to spin off a portion of my blog into another page.  The working titles for this collection of thoughts are “Diary of a Recovering Control Freak”  or “Serious Anger Issues Redeux”.  Or both.  I haven’t decided yet.

The bottom line is that there will be drama, suspense and a lot of foul language.  Now that’s a concept I can get behind!

And for those of you who just can’t go a day without one, here’s another picture of  a squirrel:

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Supersquirrel!