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Holy CrAp Have I Been Busy!


My blog notifications told me that someone “liked” one of my posts yesterday, which made me check my stats.  I found that there have been days when NO ONE VISITED ME!  This is horrible, just horrible!  Then I realized that I have been so stinking busy that I haven’t had time (or inclination) to blog in a while.  So, here’s an update on what’s been going on:

Diet Week 10 (or whatever the hell it is) – I’ve lost 15 lbs!  It is really hard, particularly when I’m doing fun stuff like baking apple pies (which I managed not to eat whole, thankyouverymuch…I left that to the Hubster.  He didn’t mind.)  It’s really awesome to have to wear a belt to hold up my pants. Pretty soon, I’ll have to go shopping!  Woot!

Death and Illness – Keeping up with tracking WW points has been rough this past week.  Sadly, the kids’ grandmother passed away on Wednesday, which led to a quickie visit to PA for the funeral on Friday.  This is just six months after their dad died, so it’s been a rough year for the kiddos.  On top of that, my uncle has not been well and it’s been touch and go for a couple of weeks.  I said at one point that it seems everyone I know is either unemployed or sick.  Your odds are not good if you know me.  If you just read my blog, you’ll probably escape with a mild cold and missing a day of work.  Lucky you.

Employment – Speaking of unemployment, after quitting my job in a very dramatic fashion, last week I started temping  for an agency while I keep looking for regular work.  My first temp job is sorting and tracking campaign contributions for the Romney campaign!  I think my mother summed this up really well when she simply said “karma”.  I’m so anti-Romney, I think I’d rather see Mickey Mouse in the White House than elect Romney.  Wait, that’s pretty much the same thing, isn’t it? (Which reminds me…I haven’t posted a political rant in a while.  Keep your eyes peeled for one soon.  I’ve got one simmering and if I don’t get it out soon, it’s going to stink like rotten eggs.)

Squirrels – And on a completely random and unrelated note, THEY’RE BACK!  It seems that the dry summer has seriously put a dent in the squirrel population and there have been far too few of the little critters to keep me sufficiently amused for quite a while.  However, the cooler weather has brought them out, looking for their winter nutty goodness, to my unconcealable delight.  Yesterday, I sat for MINUTES watching one sneak attack a group of band students, darting between trees and running up the backside as to remain virtually invisible.  (They are sneaky little critters, those squirrels).  I was utterly entertained and I’m sure I appeared quite mad as I sat giggling to myself for no apparent reason.  I guess the squirrels aren’t’ the only ones who are a little nuts.  😀

If It Had Been an Easter Squirrel, This Never Would Have Happened


You know that horrible moment when you see a picture of yourself and you look like someone Photoshopped your head onto someone else’s body…only supersized?  Yeah, that happened to me the other day.  I saw my picture and went, “holy shit, who is that and how did she get my head?!”

It wasn’t pretty.

I blame the Easter Bunny.

You see, the Easter Bunny brought 10 lbs of candy into this house for two kids.  Realizing his error, the Easter Bunny  decided to stash the extra 8lbs in my closet.  I found said 8 lbs of chocolate and…good Samaritan that I am… I helped that damned Easter Bunny clear out his extra inventory by getting rid of it…one delicious, gooey, peanut butter-filled,  fun-sized, 20 servings per bag, bite at a time.  

Here we are in July and I can show you exactly where those 8 lbs of chocolate went, along with two more of its cheesy cousins.  And about 5 more from the year before that…and the year before that.  Dammit.  If it was an Easter Squirrel, this never would have happened.  (There’s a nut joke in there somewhere, but I’m just too lazy to reach for it.)

So, next week I start Weight Watchers and Zumba classes.  Why not this week?  Because I still have cupcakes left, okay??

So, if you’re in the same boat as me, we’re sunk…ha-ha…just kidding.  Seriously, hop on board and lets see if we can do this together! Note: that just sounds way too motivational speaker-ish.  You should slap me now.  Seriously.

Anyway, here is my “Before” picture.  Blecch.

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.