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“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads….”


I love this.  I have never been able to reach so far by doing so little.  It’s an amazing feeling.

The Internet knows no limits

As far as the eye can see….

You Don’t Say! (A Unique Weirdness Fun Fact Moment)

  1. I call my husband “Daddy” and my daddy “Fred”.  (His name is actually Rich).
  2. I eat peanut butter on a spoon every day at least once.
  3. I sleep with earplugs because I snore.  (The Hubster hates my snoring, so he puts on the t.v.  I can’t sleep with the t.v. on, so I wear earplugs.)
  4. I’m deathly afraid of squid.
  5. I share a birthday with Al Roker and Robert Plant – I think the resemblance is obvious.
  6. I talk to dead people every day.  Sometimes they answer.
  7. I cannot brush my teeth without putting my left hand on my hip.
  8. I hate massages.  (I also hate the Beatles and Harry Potter.  I am not normal.)
  9. The only bone I’ve ever broken is the distal tuft of the middle finger on my right hand.  It permanently deformed my finger.  I like showing it to people.
  10. I am actually pretty shy and secretly fear that people won’t like me.  (Okay, I made that one up.  No I didn’t.  Yes, I did.  Okay, which is it?  I’ll never tell.)

Good MOoooooooorrniiiinnngggg…INDONESIA!


I love logging on in the morning and seeing that people from all over the world have hit on my blog.  I have regular visitors from Australia, Italy, the UK and Canada.  I’ve also gotten hits from Guatemala, Germany, Ireland and now this morning, someone in INDONESIA stopped by for a visit!

So, to all our far-away friends, HELLOOOO!!   Make sure you say “hi!” in the comments and say where you’re from!  🙂  I love meeting new people!


We’ll Always Have…Guatemala?


So far, I’ve enjoyed a nice following of the blog. But I’ve seen nothing like the one day I commented on “The Bloggess'” Beyonce Update post.  Hits on UW went up 500% that day and included readers from Guatemala, Australia, Canada & the UK.  Un-freakin’ real!   I’ve read similar comments from other bloggers who have seen huge spikes in activity as a result of their comments on her page.  One blog, “Filing Jointly”,   hit the 20,000 mark…a number her husband had thrown out there and told her at that point, she could quit her job. (There, F.J.  I just gave you a dozen more hits!)  🙂

That is so amazing!  I’m in awe.  If only my Giant Metal Chicken post had been ready, I might have kept those readers a little longer.  Instead, all they got was a chicken teaser…and they haven’t been back.  (I hate a chicken teaser!  You get your taste buds all ready, and no chicken…boooo….) 😦

Come back, Guatemala!  Where did you go, Australia?  Canada…I know you’re out there!

Man, I’d really like to hit that 20,000 mark.  Honey, can I quit my job then too?  😀

Ooh Ooh That Smell! Can’tcha Smell That Smell?


I drove the kids up to PA to visit with their dad’s family this evening.  It’s a four hour round trip, which gave me the opportunity to lament the lack of decent radio stations between Northern VA and Breezewood, PA.  However, since my A/C is on the fritz, it also meant open windows all the way.  So I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on some of my favorite smells:

  • The air just after a thunderstorm
  • Honeysuckle
  • Skunk
  • Fresh blacktop
  • Farm animals
  • Cow manure
  • Freshly cut grass
  • Wood fire burning

Yep.  I did say “skunk” and “cow manure” and that’s the honest truth.  I also like the smell of sulfur and bacon.  (Hey, who doesn’t like the smell of bacon!?)  I know.  I’m weird.

I also got to visit the GIGANTIC METAL CHICKEN on Rte 15.  But that’s tomorrow’s story.  😉